Clubs and Activities

Like our curriculum, our program of clubs and activities is always dynamic, never static. We offer a range of opportunities for student growth and exploration through service-oriented clubs like Sports United and Equine Welfare Club, cultural clubs like World Culture Club, and opportunities where students can prepare for the real world, such as the Future Medical Leaders Club. When students have a strong interest in developing new clubs, we support and encourage their ideas. A spirit of innovation and social responsibility pervades many of our activities, notably National Honor Society, and our most active club–Student Council. Whether performing in a rock band or taking pictures for the Roseleaves yearbook, Knox Students dive into these experiences with energy and commitment.

Boundless Experiences

Equestrian Club

The students in The Equestrian Club come to us with a variety of experiences, ranging from accomplished riders to those who have never before interacted with horses. Club members enjoy bonding with those who share the same passion for horses. Each week, our club members learn about the history and the operations of the barn, working hands-on to take care of Knox’s beautiful horses while learning about equine care and safety. Our favorite activities include feeding, washing, and grazing our four-legged friends together.

Fashion Club

Founded by Knox student Christina Tong, ‘17, this club group develops a timeline they will follow throughout the year in which they will use research, discussion and brainstorming to create unique, individually and/or group-created clothing and jewelry. Meetings will include time for business and unscripted time for members to discuss fashion tips, ask questions about designs they are working on, rave about cool outfits and share information about fashion events. Students will assist with our International Day Fashion Show and with costuming for our Visual and Performing Arts Department at the discretion of VPA Chair Mr. Andrew Wagner. The club also conducts two clothing drives per year.

Band Club

THIS CLUB ROCKS! (Literally). Bring your instruments along and come jam with us. Whether you want to rock out with some distorted guitar, form a classical chamber group, or experiment with a jazz combo, we’re all about you and your music. Club members write and arrange their own music or select their own repertoire to perform at various school events. Create your own recordings and YouTube channels to show off your new music!

Mindfulness, Yoga & Meditation

The Mindfulness Club is centered on the emotional wellness of each individual and is aimed to promote healthy ways of thinking, living, and being. There are a variety of ways that we will be engaging in mindfulness including via group meditation, yoga, breathing techniques, meditative art, essential oils, crystals, reiki, labyrinth walks, and more!

Model United Nations

The Model United Nations (MUN) club engages in an authentic simulation of the United Nations by learning about the UN system, the skills of debate, compromise, conflict resolution, and negotiation. MUN team members have fun learning about the workings of world diplomacy through the lens of current events and international relations. The club will host talks and presentations from the international diplomatic community, visit United Nations organizations and related civil societies, and hosts a simulation for club members.

The Model UN Club was reformed in Fall 2018 by Mr. Sutrisno who was a former collegiate Model United Nations participant. In its inaugural year, the club has grown to be one of the most active and largest club organizations on campus. Our club president lead the club in its development year. In 2018-2019 the club participated in American University’s 2018 Washington International Relations Conference, 2018 Trick or Treat for UNICEF, a tour of the United Nations Headquarters, and attended briefings by United Nations staff on topics of UN and World Current Affairs & UN Peacekeeping Operations, contributed to the annual International Fair and participated in Hofstra University and Herricks Model United Nations Conferences.

Publications Club

In this club, students design, write and distribute published work via the School’s three main publications: Scribblers, The Honeybee Chronicle, and the student yearbook, Roseleaves. Students have the opportunity to submit original work associated with the arts and humanities to Scribblers, resulting in a very unique and personal final product. The Honeybee Chronicle – our School newspaper, covers happenings around the Knox community while highlighting select events and individuals. Finally, this club produces Roseleaves by controlling the entire creative process, including content, organization, and design. Some students may spend more time on one publication than another, but all will earn valuable experience they will use in college and beyond. Each member of this club truly appreciates the value of the printed word.

Science Oympiads

Science Olympiads is a local, regional, and nationwide STEM competition that engages students in real-world science challenges. Our Science Olympiads team will be traveling to a local high school where they will participate in STEM-related events. Students will team up and compete in a variety of events in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Geology, Physics, Astronomy, Electronics, and Mechanics. Teamwork skills will be built as students collaborate and share solutions for the challenges in the events they will be competing in.

Sports United / Student Athlete Leadership Team (S.A.L.T.)

Student-founded and driven by Brandon Persaud ‘20 the purpose of this club is to seek and provide ways for students in underprivileged areas to have opportunities to enjoy sports. The members will work hand-in-hand with KB Operation Hope to ship and deliver sports equipment and uniforms to needy children who have an interest in athletics. Sports United will also become part of the nationally recognized Student Athlete Leadership Team (SALT).

World Cultures Club

Students in this club share and discuss the traditions, food, music, and ideals of the many cultures that connect us as a global society. Club members plan and implement our annual International Fair and raise awareness in the school community of the many cultures that are Knox.

Student clubs offer leadership opportunities while allowing students to explore new interests.

Our Mindfulness, Yoga & Meditation club allows students to relax and refresh.

Model UN traveled to Washington D.C. to participate in The Washington International Relations Conference (WIRC) hosted by American University.